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What is wsdEditor?
A Windows GUI created in C# for creating and managing the text used to generate Sequence Diagrams from the online Web Sequence Diagrams service at

The problem provides a a great web based solution to generating Sequence Diagrams using a simple text format. Unfortunately, you have to visit the web site and copy-paste your sequence text in order to generate the resulting diagram. Not bad for the occasional quick diagram, but what if you want to maintain multiple sequence diagrams and you want to evolve them over time?

The solution
wsdEditor attempts to solve this problem by making use of the REST service offered by http:// in a Windows client application that will provide project capabilities as follows:
  • Allows for multiple sequence files to be grouped together in a project
  • Preview the generated sequence image and save it to your local system (or copy it to the clipboard for pasting into documents)
  • Allow specification of the rendering options per sequence. No need to remember how you previously created the diagram!

Helping out
Currently, we are trying to get the base functionality in place and are not currently accepting outside help. Once we release a stable version that accomplishes the basics outline above, we will open the project to others. In the meantime, feel free to submit a feature request and we will prioritize it for the future.

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